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Great Customer Service = Referrals

dog in car

When customer service is GREAT- you want to tell EVERYONE!


I had no intention of buying a car.

In fact- I had not bought a car since 2001- my beloved little grey car which I only drove when the sun was shinning and the weather was at least above 20C.

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In Her Shoes


As an organization made up of primarily WOMEN- for our annual Kick Off meeting this year our theme was “IN HER SHOES”.

Our goal was to help each member of our Team understand the challenges and objectives of each person in order to help us all work as collaboratively as possible.

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Direct Mail Response Rate

if phone

I opened my first business when I was just a youngster of 25 years old.

A friend of mine somehow got distribution rights to a software package – for North America which would be a competitor to ones that are popular today like SalesForce or Goldmine. Back then- it was cutting edge.

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