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Is Your Workplace a HAPPY One?

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Last night I entertained one of my husband’s clients at our home for dinner.

It isn’t something that we do often — however we had run into this particular couple at a number of events and it seemed that we were destined to meet.

During the course of the evening — as always — our conversation turned to business. Read More

Are YOU an IT Provider?


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If so — THANK YOU!

Today’s businesses are so dependent on IT Solutions. In fact — as you well know — it’s the lifeblood of any organization today.

Just be denied access to your email for an hour and watch how people behave.

It’s like we are cut off from all forms of civilization. Can’t you just hear the sighing and moaning and rolling of the eyes, pacing around the office. Hitting send/receive over and over and over again? Read More

Are you Afraid of Competition?


Worried that a similar business will steal your Customers?

Don’t be!

In my experience — unless you are a multi-million dollar company competing for the same client — it’s a big world and there are lots of Customers for everyone! Read More