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List Cleansing, a Necessary Evil for Businesses

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List Cleansing

Known to some as list validation or list verification, all businesses MUST do list cleansing.  It is essential to be efficient and cost effective for

  1. a) Marketing,
  2. b) Distribution of information
  3. c) Billing.

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IF Shoe Award for November 2015

Isabel's shoes


For the month of November, the management team would like to announce that the winner of the IF Chick Shoe award is ……  Isabel!!

Isabel is a loyal, reliable, hardworking employee and is an excellent team player who goes over and above in any situation.  Isabel is very special person who has the ability to be positive and cheery day in and day out. She is very caring of those around her even under the most difficult of circumstances. She is always willing to assist colleagues and Management when and where there is a need, even if it means rearranging her schedule to accommodate.

Isabel’s strength of character and spirit is exceptional; her dedication to providing exemplary customer service speaks directly to our Mission and Vision Statements here at IF. 

Direct Mail vs Email Marketing?

IF Email Marketing


Are you bored by email marketing?

I am.

Every day I come in to see no less than 100 emails that are automatically sent to my Junk folder and yet a few more that go into a new folder called Clutter.

Over and above those — there are always another 20 or so that I delete as I go through my daily InBox.

Time and again I wonder why anyone bothers?

Everyone wants to get my attention. But does that really work in any situation? In a B2B environment, I really have my doubts. In B2C — I can see numerous applications —  discount on my oil change, new fashion at my favorite store….

If you have a B2B solution and want to grab someone’s attention — the best way to get it is through:  3D Disruptive Direct Mail.

Here is what you do:

  1. Chose your target audience
  2. Decide which are the best Contact Titles for your offering
  3. Design direct mail that goes in a bubble envelope with a treat
  4. Make sure the direct mail is easy to understand and delivers a positive message
  5. The goal should be: To put a smile on the Recipient’s face
  6. Be sure to protect your Brand
  7. Follow up with a quick phone call to source for interest and awareness no more than a week after you send your mail

This is a ‘Laser Marketing Tool’ that reaps BIG rewards.

Try it — you’ll see.