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Soldiers at airport


At first I thought this posting has NOTHING to do with business.

On further reflection it has EVERYTHING to do with business.                                 

AND the fact that I am able to run my business day to day because of these brave men and women.

On a recent trip to meet with our Customers in New Jersey — we met with some winter weather that delayed our flight by about six hours. A long time — I know, but there was a restaurant ( a.k.a. bar) and a lot of nice people to talk to who were all in the same predicament.

While we were chatting about this and that — there was a sudden slow – yet – loud applause from some of the waiting passengers. When I turned to look and see what had caused the applause I saw a group of Soldiers making their way through the airport.

They looked so young.

The looked so brave.

They looked so proud.

I was truly struck with the reality that these men and women MAKE IT POSSIBLE for me to get on a plane and talk with my clients.

Suddenly the six hours, seemed insignificant.

There were several bursts of applause during our wait and lots of smiles from the soldiers, the passengers and the airline crews.

Not sure if I am relaying the ‘feeling’ as well as I’d like — but it was very powerful!




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