Are YOU an IT Provider?


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If so — THANK YOU!

Today’s businesses are so dependent on IT Solutions. In fact — as you well know — it’s the lifeblood of any organization today.

Just be denied access to your email for an hour and watch how people behave.

It’s like we are cut off from all forms of civilization. Can’t you just hear the sighing and moaning and rolling of the eyes, pacing around the office. Hitting send/receive over and over and over again?

So — if you are an IT Solutions Provider. THANK YOU AGAIN!

The thing I find the most interesting however, is that most IT Companies I know ( we have worked with about 80 of them) are in constant chase of a New Customer but spend minimal effort on up-selling/ cross-selling – or simply being on top of the ever-changing requirements of their existing Customers.

In our experience, it’s quite fascinating to watch the amount of effort placed on attracting new business – which leaves their existing Customer vulnerable to other IT companies who are calling to gain their business. In fact — I think you would be shocked to see the amount of organizations that on a regular basis are feeling some sort of IT pain throughout their organization.

It’s also amazing — how ‘loose’ the relationship with the current provider is. Not a slight on the Provider — but more a result of constant staff turnover and never-ending new needs.

If you want to keep your Customers close to you — this is what we would recommend.

  1.  Once a quarter — send them interesting mail.
  2. Follow-up with a phone call to thank them for their business, source for new opportunities, tell them about a new service/product offering and ask if there are new people in the organization that you could be introduced to.

Some really GREAT THINGS will happen if you do this:

  1.  Your Customer will be amazed that you took the time to thank them.
  2. If there is a change in personnel — you will know about it and have a chance to introduce yourself before pesky competitors get there.
  3. You can source for pain points that you could be helping with. Don’t stop at IT. Go to VP Sales or VP Marketing. Often they have pain that IT doesn’t really know about.
  4. You will grow your footprint within your Customer base.
  5. You can unilaterally deliver a message to your entire Customer base about something important like — the end of service for the Windows Server 2003 — or whatever solution is most at the fore-front.
  6. If a Customer happens to be unhappy — you will have a chance to correct things before someone else does.

Thanking Customers — always ends up in new business.

If you decide to adopt the above methodology to keep your Customers close to you — we think you will have great luck!


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