Direct Mail vs Email Marketing?

IF Email Marketing


Are you bored by email marketing?

I am.

Every day I come in to see no less than 100 emails that are automatically sent to my Junk folder and yet a few more that go into a new folder called Clutter.

Over and above those — there are always another 20 or so that I delete as I go through my daily InBox.

Time and again I wonder why anyone bothers?

Everyone wants to get my attention. But does that really work in any situation? In a B2B environment, I really have my doubts. In B2C — I can see numerous applications —  discount on my oil change, new fashion at my favorite store….

If you have a B2B solution and want to grab someone’s attention — the best way to get it is through:  3D Disruptive Direct Mail.

Here is what you do:

  1. Chose your target audience
  2. Decide which are the best Contact Titles for your offering
  3. Design direct mail that goes in a bubble envelope with a treat
  4. Make sure the direct mail is easy to understand and delivers a positive message
  5. The goal should be: To put a smile on the Recipient’s face
  6. Be sure to protect your Brand
  7. Follow up with a quick phone call to source for interest and awareness no more than a week after you send your mail

This is a ‘Laser Marketing Tool’ that reaps BIG rewards.

Try it — you’ll see.



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