Are You Frustrated with YOUR Sales?

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Exhausted from prospecting?

Frustrated by an empty appointment calendar?

Want to fill your funnel with great qualified leads so you can go and do what you do best?

Adopt the buddy system.

You need a buddy, who can take away the heavy lifting so you can spend all of your time presenting to new prospects, preparing quotes and taking good care of your existing customers.

It takes about three phone calls to obtain a decision maker name and then another 12 or so to get that person on the phone. BUT – once you do, the magic begins!

Here are a list of tasks you need to off-lead to a member of your Team:

  • Develop a good target list of companies that you want to present to
  • Obtain the decision maker name and title. If you are not able to get the exact title you were looking for, try to obtain the name of a Key Influencer
  • Send interesting Direct Mail — hopefully 3D
  • Follow up within a week at the most
  • Make your conversation friendly and direct. Give them a good reason to want to meet with you by clearly outlining pain points they may have – that YOU can solve
  • Give your ‘buddy’ as much time in your schedule as you can so that it is easier to work within the availability of the prospect

If you adopt this system you should see at least ten Qualified Leads out of every 100 companies you target – and sometimes even more!


Good luck and happy selling!


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