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Are you planning a corporate event or a webinar?

Getting people to attend is hard work.

BUT! If you follow this agenda — you’ll be rewarded with strong attendance.

Event/Webinar Attendance

  1. E-Blast Invitation ( Valid Opt-In Permssion)
  2. 3D Direct Mail
  3. Telephone Follow Up
  •  Email addresses are loaded into software and sent.
  •  Invitation is created to open automatically within the recipient’s email. RSVP link is connected.
  • Utilizing Constant Contact, statistics are available to track such as: number of emails sent, opened, and bounced.
  • Any bounce backs are contacted in order to get a correct email address.
  • Reporting is generated daily showing attendees registered, declined and cancelled
  • In cases where the attendee does not match with original customer list — research the contact and company. (These could be contacts that have heard through their colleagues of the event and registered but are not on the customer list).
  • E-blast is sent up to 3 times prior to event, removing any contacts that have responded and adding any additional contacts to the event list.

3D Direct Mail

  • Statistics show that 3D Mail is opened 91% of the time by the intended recipient & that recipient will show it to a minimum of 3 other people within their organization
  • A postcard and matching custom edible is sent to each contact.

 Follow Up Phone Calls

  • In order to get the best Event Attendance a follow-up phone call is key to create interest, awareness and excitement around your event.
  • In many cases, people either do not open their email as it may go to SPAM or they forget to RSVP
  • The call conversation is the perfect time to re-send the email invitation and ask for the RSVP while speaking to the Customer.  Ask if you can register them on their behalf. If that person cannot attend,  ask if there would be anyone else that would have interest and obtain their contact information. Then follow-up with that person and provide the event information and try to register them

Make one call per location in an attempt to speak with the Customer LIVE and if not available then leave a voicemail to encourage the customer to go online to RSVP or call to RSVP by phone.


Provide a SAMPLE SCRIPT For the calling Team

“Hello this is __________ calling on behalf of ABC Company. We wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU for your business and to see if you received our invitation to join us at Buddy Guy’s Legend Restaurant ( name of event)

  • Give a reminder call to Attendees 2 days prior to the event to continue the excitement around your event/webinar

A few other things we have learned along the way are:

        1. Wednesdays gain the biggest attendance
        2. Door prizes increase attendance and enthusiasm
        3. Themed events get the best attendance – particularly if they are off-brand- for example IBM held a ‘storage’ event at a Micro Brewery

Wishing you great luck with your corporate events!


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