Business Etiquette Still Important in the Digital Age!

Good Manners






In the era of social and digital everything, the very basic tenants of manners and business etiquette in other everyday interactions are acknowledged and practiced less and less.  These are not old-fashioned principles, but simple guidelines to socially acceptable behaviors that still hold true today.

There has always been a code of conduct for social behavior in business when interacting with customers, a potential employer, work colleagues, vendors, suppliers, and people in general.

TIME is a precious commodity. Respect it.  When you have time booked with a prospect, a client, a potential employer, etc.… you should SHOW UP.  Emergencies always happen, but if you can’t make it, a simple call and/or email to that effect will suffice to show that you respect and value the other parties’ time and investment in you.

RESPECT for yourself and others encompasses grooming and hygiene, how you dress, addressing people by their names, both when you greet them and when you say goodbye, as well as how to speak to people in general.  We all need our cellphones to stay connected professionally and personally, but there is a time and place for them, and it is NOT when a customer/vendor has driven 45 minutes to meet with you to discuss your products/services. Put your cellphone away and give them your undivided attention.

RECOGNITION for a customer/vendor/colleague anyone really that has done anything for you… sent a birthday card, bought you flowers, contributed to an event that you are hosting…. A “THANK YOU” call, email, message are simply good manners!

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