Tips for Making Your Call Center a Customer Care Center with Heart







When your Customers call in with an enquiry — do you consider it a Call Center Call or a Customer Care Center Call?

Believe it or not — there is a BIG difference!

Customers calling into any business phone line expect:

  • The phone to be answered quickly
  • A friendly greeting
  • A knowledgeable agent
  • Quick resolution
  • A feeling of satisfaction at the end of the call

Sounds simple right?

Well — not really….

Your Call Team MUST have an excellent command of the language in which they are responding to. Both verbal and written. It’s amazing how hard that is to find these days.

They also need immediate access to a wide variety of information in order to offer a One Call Resolution to your Customer.

Think about it…how frustrated are you when you have to make more than one call to resolve an issue? Or worse still — if you have to call more than one phone number to get an answer?

How about if you need to call that same company back and no one knows about your previous call – so you have to start all over again?

If  you want to keep the level very low on the FRUSTRATION Meter for YOUR Customers then make sure to do the following:

  • Hire Agents who have been tested for excellence in communications skills
  • Use your phone system reports to make sure you are staffed properly to capture each and every call within 2 rings for the various hours of the day or to assist with any promotions or campaigns you may be running
  • Monitor abandoned calls daily
  • Provide the tools necessary to access information quickly
  • Train, train, train and train some more to keep your Team up to date
  • Monitor daily
  • Work on greeting salutations and ending the call in a uniformed way
  • AND — when you’re tired of training — get your motivational skills on the go — because that is a never ending requirement

An excellent Customer Care Center is a beautiful thing!

If you come across some that you like — please let me know. I love learning about the GREAT ones ;.)



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