Can Conflict be Healthy?











We all avoid conflict in our personal lives as much as possible and tend to follow the same track in business.  Instead, seek out those that have a different point of view, culture or methodology.  Engage in an authentic conversation. Listen and learn from the challenges and experiences of others.  The world around us is constantly evolving, and so should the way we work and interact.  So, an honest assessment of any differences in process or culture might support what you are currently doing, or serve as a roadmap to making a few modifications.

Constantly challenging yourself on the way you work, and finding new synergies or elements for improvement is ALWAYS positive.  The evolution of your process does not make you inconsistent, it helps you to maintain relevance.  When someone with a conflicting opinion is engaged in a constructive and respectful manner, it can be a catalyst for creativity and help to alter your perception and perspective.

Conflict also helps you to hone analytical and problem solving skills that can help you navigate difficult conversations or circumstances.  When exercised correctly, it can lead to clarity and growth.  So, be a work in progress and keep striving for something better!

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