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Customer Service Encounters are Opportunities to WIN advocates


My husband, son and I went to Montreal this weekend to visit with family and on our drive back home on Tuesday, about an hour and a half out, we received a few pictures from my daughter in addition to a panicked call.

Our 10 year old Husky/Bullmastiff, (Coco), was sick and dispensing it from both ends….  The initial deposit was made in the living room, after which she walked in it, trailed it over the tiles through the kitchen, down the hall across the front mats, threw up in the rubber shoe tray at the front and then proceeded to walk up the carpeted stairs to the upper hallway where she made her second deposit and laid down in it …. completely spent at this point!

From what I saw in the pictures my daughter had sent, we knew that a one day carpet cleaner rental would not do the trick.   I called a large retailer in our city to ask if they sold any carpet cleaners that could handle the job.

The store’s customer service agent answered, I asked if they had any heavy duty carpet cleaning machines in stock, and without a word, I was put on hold. Read More

Corporate Culture: Are You Having Any FUN?

A young, intelligent nerd explores the depths of electricity.

CORPORATE CULTURE – Why FUN is so important, especially during a pandemic

Prior to the pandemic, we encouraged a culture and atmosphere of camaraderie & fun throughout the company.  During these times, when the stress and fear for small businesses and workers are greater than ever.  Social distancing measures and rules are in place and the instinct and indirect result might be to socially as well as physically distance yourself from your colleagues.

Our advice?

Do the opposite. Read More

The Human Factor of your Business Continuity Strategy

Happy faces





How many small to medium sized businesses do you think had business continuity plans for a pandemic? Probably very few!  A disruption of any kind to the on-site operation of your business can be challenging to navigate, costly to plan, and difficult to manage.  The breadth of your business continuity plan should have enough bandwidth to cover a variety of circumstances and scenarios. Read More

Business Analytics

Business analytics





Hey All,

Hope you’re holding up alright!

We are all experiencing very unique situations right now, and want to let you know that we’re thinking of you.

Like most of us, you are probably doing everything you think your customers need to support them, but how do you know for sure? While you offer programs and send emails to communicate your sympathies for those whom are struggling, have you actually picked up the phone and talked to some of your customers?  You might be surprised to find out that there are unique challenges that were unforeseen or unpredicted as well as simple solutions that you can offer to help.

BUSINESS ANALYTICS are important at the best of times to support your customer base and know with certainty what your customers’ business needs are.   When the landscape is altered on an almost daily basis, that need is exponentially greater.

What can you do? Choose 100 of your customers at random and have your marketing or customer service team call and ask them the questions that will help you determine:

  1. How well you are supporting your customer base.
  2. How they feel about your service.
  3. If their needs to be changes made to what you are offering or how you are offering it.

If you don’t have the internal resources to do that at this time, pick up the phone and  give us a call… we can help you with that!

Stay well and keep safe!

Idea Factor provides a full suite of marketing services including B2B lead generation (gathering qualified sales leads), surveys, data mapping, event tele-boosting, trade show follow up, in-bound and out-bound omni-channel call center services, data cleansing, list cleaning, customer retention and loyalty programs.

Our commitment to excellence in customer service has awarded us repeat business for more than 25 years, from both our global and community clients. To find out more go to






















The Importance of Collaboration for Exceptional Results







Collaboration is essential to the success of any project, but even more so when there are multiple parties engaged in handling components of a project or delivery.  Here are a few guidelines to help navigate this type of collaboration. Read More

Business Etiquette Still Important in the Digital Age!

Good Manners






In the era of social and digital everything, the very basic tenants of manners and business etiquette in other everyday interactions are acknowledged and practiced less and less.  These are not old-fashioned principles, but simple guidelines to socially acceptable behaviors that still hold true today.

There has always been a code of conduct for social behavior in business when interacting with customers, a potential employer, work colleagues, vendors, suppliers, and people in general. Read More

Why EXCELLENCE in Customer Service Matters!






The other day I stopped at a well known North American Donuts Shop on the way in to work.
We were celebrating the soon-to-be birth of a new baby at our IF Family.

Every now and then, we get together as a Team to thank and honor a Team Member — babies, birthdays, service awards. A great way to chat, catch up with each other as people, discuss our business goals. A mini-State of The Union, if you will.

Read More

Cost Conscious Reasons for Global Companies to Work with Single or Small Groups of Vendors


Typical multi-vendor pain points are the ability to service customers efficiently and effectively.

“The more vendors that are in the kitchen, the harder it is to cook a meal.”


The preference is to work with companies that have a consistent service delivery model and the same predictable quality of service.


While some may see multiple vendors as decreasing risk, it can actually increase risk and complicate the management of SLAs and responsibilities when an issue needs to be managed. Not to mention the complication of multiple vendor touching key components of Customer Service, particularly if there is possible risk of litigation involved.

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How to know that Your Strategic Vendor Partner is a KEEPER



1. Go for quality, not quantity with your vendor
The old procurement-driven advice on managing vendors was to have a huge portfolio of potential vendors, and put every procurement out to competitive bid, playing vendors against each other and applying pressure until you got the absolute lowest cost. While this can be effective in the near term, there are two risks. The first is rather obvious: if you always seek the lowest cost, you’ll always get the minimum acceptable output. This may be fine for commodities like connectivity services, hardware, and some IT services, but puts more complex endeavors at risk.

For an analogy to our personal lives, finding the cheapest gasoline is fine (as long as you don’t spend an hour driving to save a few pennies), but you probably don’t want the cheapest brain surgeon poking around between your ears.

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