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The Power of a Thank you

gratefulI received the most wonderful gift. It was a card.


The front of the card had one word : GRATEFUL


And the inside of the card was thanking me for being a mentor and a person to look to for comfort and advice. It was from my friend’s 25 year old daughter who I adore but really don’t see all that often.


She has just begun her teaching career and spent some time travelling. Last summer I managed to snag her for a day and took her to some of my favorite shopping/eating places.


We shopped, laughed, cried and told each other some terrific stories. I watched her grow up and make s’mores in my backyard, and now I am watching her make a difference in the world by offering them the gift of ‘learning’.


I can’t begin to tell you the power of that small card with the words THANK YOU inside. It really meant the world to me.

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Change is good

girl with cowboy hat






Sometimes you just have to admit to your mistakes!


I’m embarrassed to say that I have turned into my Old Auntie.

You know the one.

The one that you talked about behind her back.

About how she watched too much news on TV.

How she was becoming afraid of her own shadow.

How I would NEVER watch all the shows that she does because if I did I would NEVER leave my house.

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