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Winning a Business Excellence Award

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I have to tell you…winning the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award was so much fun!


We’ve had the pleasure of winning global awards for our White Glove service offerings but somehow the local one was more rewarding.

It was Oscar-like.

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A Heart-felt Goodbye

girl crying

Idea Factor is great place to work! I will miss it here! Could you please expand to Brantford, I hear office space is really inexpensive and the proximity to Toronto and the US makes it a great location for businesses??? (LOL, I had to try) I would love to stay but I would like to be closer to my new home out there, that’s my only reason for not staying. No matter where I go I will always cherish my time here and I’m forever grateful that you gave me the opportunity to work here and being part of something great!!!

Walking through the doors of Idea Factor every day and feeling the positive energy that our great culture and happy, engaged team generates motivated me the most. You feel it immediately, that sense of something exceptional happening here. I believe that being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company. Idea Factor is a GREAT Company. When a company and the Owner truly cares about its people, nurtures the culture, defines the purpose, creates a great environment and offers challenging work, great things happen. Striving to be a great place to work is not easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

Thank you, for EVERYTHING I wish You and your Team LOTS of growth and success!



Well Deserved Recognition!

The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Recognizes Cheryl Cappellano

Cheryl Cappellano photo

Cheryl Cappellano is the Owner and President of Idea Factor Inc., a Lead Generation and Gold Service call center that specializes in inbound and outbound calls, direct marketing, survey structure and management, and digital marketing correspondence and media. As a seasoned marketing and advertising professional, Cheryl has over 20 years of experience and has run the company since 2006. She oversees client relations company-wide, engaging in face to face meetings, helping to develop sales, cultivate leads, and—most importantly—customer relations.After completing her education, Cheryl found a natural progression in her field as she dove into the innovative marketing and business intelligence industry. She was nominated Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2011, 2012 and 2013 by the Royal Bank of Canada, and was also a Finalist in Business Excellence from Burlington Chamber of Commerce in 2013.

Cheryl dedicates herself to building and cultivating relationships with global and community customers alike. She finds great reward in seeing the success of her clients that results from the company’s hard work and dedication. A pillar of her community, she is keen to give back and donates much of her time to giving back to children in need. She is eager to share her knowledge with other female professionals and serve as a mentor, helping to empower the next generation of marketing professionals.

Frequently called upon to speak publicly on topics concerning advertising, marketing and strategy, Cheryl is as passionate about her field now as ever, and embraces its every evolving developments. She finds the greatest reward to be seeing the abundant success of her clients, as both she and they grow their businesses together.

Cheryl resides in Burlington, Canada, from where she manages operations that extend all over North America.

The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals Member Cheryl Cappellano can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.



Customer Service at it’s BEST!


Thank you to the staff at Saks Fifth Avenue in Canada for remembering and demonstrating the lost art of Customer Service with a SMILE!

I had the pleasure of visiting the new store which is attached to The Bay on Queen in Toronto. It’s a beautiful store with lots of lovely things to look at — but the best part is the Staff. Read More

IF Shoe Award for November 2015

Isabel's shoes


For the month of November, the management team would like to announce that the winner of the IF Chick Shoe award is ……  Isabel!!

Isabel is a loyal, reliable, hardworking employee and is an excellent team player who goes over and above in any situation.  Isabel is very special person who has the ability to be positive and cheery day in and day out. She is very caring of those around her even under the most difficult of circumstances. She is always willing to assist colleagues and Management when and where there is a need, even if it means rearranging her schedule to accommodate.

Isabel’s strength of character and spirit is exceptional; her dedication to providing exemplary customer service speaks directly to our Mission and Vision Statements here at IF. 

IF Shoe Award for October, 2015

Anastasia's boots

For the month of October, the management team would like to announce that the winner of the Shoe award is ………..ANASTASIA!

  • Anastasia is a positive, cheerful member of the LGT team, she is always willing to lend a hand wherever help is needed.
  • Anastasia has booked fantastic leads on some of the more challenging campaigns, she is determined and diligent in her pursuit of excellent leads, and will leave no stone unturned in identifying and following up on prospects and opportunities to book leads.
  • She provides invaluable support to both the management team, and her colleagues alike. She will often help other team members with useful suggestions and coaching to ensure that everyone is successful in reaching their goals.
  • Anastasia provides great support to Jeanette, and when Jeanette was away recently, Anastasia helped to ensure that everything ran smoothly in her absence.
  • She has been instrumental in the success of the Wakefield Heavy Duty Campaign, and she has been very successful in booking great leads from the hand- picked wish list of the reps, and this has made the Wakefield Heavy Duty TSMs very happy indeed.
  • She took home a few batches of CEW last month to ensure that they were imputed and on time.



IF Shoe Award for September, 2015

Lynn's shoes

This month’s winner works quietly behind the scenes to keep all of us on point, informed and up-to-date with changes in policy, health coverage, issues in the building, fire drills, etc…..  She is the liaise between our company and our customers, vendors and suppliers to ensure that we are paid and make payment in a timely manner that reflects the corporate culture of an excellent customer service experience every time bar none! Read More

IF Shoe Award for August, 2015

Nicole's boots

This month’s winner is a young lady of many talents.  She is always quiet and eloquent in her both her work and conduct.  Well, quiet now that she works offsite!    Always told her she had a set of lungs like an opera singer…J  Kidding aside her warmth, hard work and dedication as well as her presence are sorely missed in the office.  That said, she always delivers excellent results and is the epitome of professionalism.

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IF Helps the Homeless at Christmas








Idea Factor collected 169 pairs of socks to be given to the homeless this Christmas. No one thinks of purchasing such a basic necessity for homeless men on the streets. This initiative was begun by Angie Richardson and her organization “Your little Bit of Help” along with Burlington Taxi. They hope to collect 1000 pairs of socks this holiday season.  The socks will Socksbe delivered to various homeless shelters in the Burlington and Hamilton area on Christmas Day.

The IF Team is a special group of people who are dedicated to supporting everyone they come into contact with.

Their Customers

Their Fellow Employees

…and now – we have this wonderful opportunity to reach out to the communities of Burlington and Hamilton.

Thank you to Burlington Taxi and Your little Bit of Help for including us in this great initiative.