Customer Service 360

Customer Service 360


Is it time for Customer Service to do a 360?

I think so.


Auto Attendant Receptionists

Auto Attendant Responses


Anyone besides me still enjoy talking to people?

In alarming numbers — when I call a business that I would like to work with or buy from I am subjected to listening to a series of auto-attendants who supposedly want to ‘help’ me with my call.


Problem is — I end up yelling at the phone and jabbing the ‘O’ repeatedly hoping that some ‘live-person’ will actually pick up the phone so that I can ask my question, place my order, book my seats or whatever.


Remember when Bank cards first came into existence?

All the banks issued them — then started reducing staff.

What happened?

People got mad. They didn’t want to use an ATM to deposit their cheques or withdraw their funds.

What happened?

The banks listened to their Customers and now there are more Tellers than ever.


I think the same is about to happen in business in general.


Yesterday I almost fainted, I called Company A.

After pressing a series of numbers — I got the voicemail of the person I needed to talk to.

Know what her voicemail said?

“ I do not answer my voicemail — so if you have a question — send it to me in an email.”…have a nice day.





Delete delete delete! I’ll find someone else to give my business to.


Maybe I’m cranky — but if anyone would like to have a good old- fashioned conversation  — give me a call.

I promise to pick up the phone and thank you for calling me! 1-866-384-2158


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