Why EXCELLENCE in Customer Service Matters!






The other day I stopped at a well known North American Donuts Shop on the way in to work.
We were celebrating the soon-to-be birth of a new baby at our IF Family.

Every now and then, we get together as a Team to thank and honor a Team Member — babies, birthdays, service awards. A great way to chat, catch up with each other as people, discuss our business goals. A mini-State of The Union, if you will.

Everyone enjoys this time as it is always accompanied by lots of edible treats.

So, as I was saying, I stopped by the donuts shop. When it was my turn to be served, the donuts shop employee did not look at me at all. While glancing over her shoulder, she muttered the words; “What do you want to order?”

I just stood there. I didn’t say a word. I wanted to see how long it would take for this person to acknowledge my presence.

Again — without looking at me — she asked for my order. She was having a ‘fun’ conversation with another employee and I was insignificant.

When my order arrived she handed me the hand-held terminal for my credit card, while looking at her nails, glancing at her phone, and totally ignoring me. She did not say a word.

I did not say a word either. Until I got to the office.

Then, I replayed the entire transaction to the Idea Factor Team.

I can’t help think about how hard marketing teams work — thinking up ideas to attract and keep customers. So many ingenious ways — thru promotions, rewards, games and so on. Every action intent on building Brand Advocates. I can’t help but think about all of the money companies spend to hire the marketing teams and fund the promotions and rewards they present.

Yet, within seconds, a fellow employee created a bad impression with not only me, but my entire Team who heard the story.

Sad part is, the Marketing Folks will probably never know.

The Front Line is the life blood of any organization. 3 seconds to make a lasting positive impression. That’s all it takes! AND amazing to me, that in the year 2019, we still can’t achieve the very basics.

So, for those of you as interested in the ‘follow through’ of building Brand Advocates for LIFE, here are a few simple rules:

1. Always greet your Customer with a smile and thank them for their visit
2. Always engage in a positive transaction while answering questions or taking orders
3. Always say THANK YOU at the end of the transaction

Seems simple?
Well, to me it sure does.
Customer Service EXCELLENCE. It still REALLY matters.


Idea Factor provides a full suite of marketing services including B2B lead generation (gathering qualified sales leads), surveys, data mapping, event tele-boosting, trade show follow up, in-bound and out-bound omni-channel call center services, data cleansing, list cleaning, customer retention and loyalty programs.

Our commitment to excellence in customer service has awarded us repeat business for more than 25 years, from both our global and community clients. To find out more go to www.idea-factor.com

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