Customer Service

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Customer Service – CS – Sometimes They Should Just Call it Colossal Screw-Up!

I HAD a meeting at my house at 9:00 this morning.

I set my alarm early to attend to all of my morning details in order to be ready on time.

Make lunches- feed the cat -wash the dishes- squeeze in a workout- answer some emails- plan dinner- feed the cat ( again).

By 9:00am- I am ready!

Everything is packed and ready to go in the car so when my meeting is over I can get on my way and start my day.

It’s 9:10.

I check the front door…sometimes the doorbell doesn’t work.

I check my phone…sometimes the sound alert doesn’t work.


It’s 9:20.

As much as I am enjoying this second cup of coffee and reading my fashion mag- I’m starting to worry about getting to work on time.

9:27- my cell phone rings:

“Hey Cheryl- how are you doing? Sorry- but my other appointment went on a bit longer than I thought- I could probably get to you within the next hour to hour and a half….”

Quickly my brain focuses in on a clock reading around 11:30 by the time we finish up and MY first meeting is at 10:00.

Insulted, I say coolly: “Well- I booked this time off of work to be with you and I must be at my office at 10:00 so what do you suggest we do?”

Thankfully we weren’t on SKYPE- the visual at my end wouldn’t have been pretty.

There was a series of shocked comments and apologies on the other end- but in my head I was thinking: Why isn’t MY time of any value to YOU?

In a world where someone else is ready to snap up your Customer in a second- this type of business practice leaves me shaking my head and wondering how some businesses can be so far off – yet survive. And then I wonder- for how long?

Ahh well- just solidifies my resolve at Idea Factor to deliver the best Customer Service experience bar-none all over again.


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