Do You Have Happy Employees?

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Well — we are unbelievably at month 6 of our IF Chicks Shoe Awards.

For those of you who didn’t read the original Blog post — once a month we are awarding a new pair of shoes to the employee who best embodies our vision and mission.

“ To deliver an unparalleled Customer Service EXPERIENCE every time — bar none!”

Once a month we gather informally here at our office to thank a member of our Team for their display of ‘excellence’.

Then they take their cash award and a week later — come and show us all their new shoes.

It’s been fun, exciting and rewarding for all of us.

If you have people who work for you in a demanding job like ours — it’s really important to let them know that their efforts are appreciated.

There are so many posts about treating staff well — & if you think about it — it really is just common sense isn’t it?

After all — if they don’t perform their tasks — no matter what they are — we can’t perform ours.

Circle of life? I think so! It just happens to be at the office.

So — to all of you IF Chick Award winners thus far –– THANK YOU!

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