Experiencing A Longer Sales Cycle?


Have you noticed that it taking a bit longer these days to show an ROI because your Customers are taking a longer time to make their decision?

Me too.

That means that you have to make sure your funnel is constantly full of new opportunities.

You then need to chart them.

It’s really pretty simple, just build a spreadsheet and track the following:

  • Company Name
  • Date of Presentation
  • Date Paperwork is Presented
  • Industry Segment
  • Dollar Value Of Sale
  • Days to Close
  • Win/Lose/Why
  • Lead Source

By reviewing this report you will quickly begin to learn the average order size and the length to close by market segment — and then by sales rep on your Team.

Once you are armed with this information — it’s easy to quantify your closing ratio and your sales cycle timetable — making it glaringly obvious the number of Qualified Leads you need, to reach your sales goals.

So — start tracking those leads so you can bring home the bacon!


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