How to Bring in New Business by Nurturing Leads

Next month we thought that we would emphasize the Lead Nurturing message to our Business Development Agents (BDA) in a manner that was fun, meaningful, and relevant.  We are buying each team member a small plant. 

WHY? Because in the same way you have to water, prune, ensure sunlight and repeat the process to care for a plant, lead nurturing requires all the same diligence and repetition to blossom into new business and bear fruit.  Once a team member has converted a nurturing prospect to a lead, they receive a little flagpole that they can stick in the bottom of their plant! Whoever has the most flagpoles at year end receives a bonus.

Our Simple Lead Nurturing Process

  • MAKE DETAILED NOTES of the lead generation conversation with the prospect in our CRM.  Note the correct name and title of the contact that the BDA spoke to.  Capture the products/services that were of interest to the prospect and why.  Take note the date that they would like the BDA to reconnect with them and the preferred method(s) of contact. Write down all personal details of the conversation, engagement, marriage, birth of a child, a new pet, as they are a great segue back to the sales opportunity.
  • TAG the data for follow up so that several people have a line of sight when the first nurturing touchpoint is due.
  • Follow up with the prospect WHEN the BDA was asked to, not before, to annoy them, not way after to disappoint them or get there too late.
  • If the BDA has their prospects’ mailing address, send them a direct mail piece advising that the BDA is looking forward to reconnecting with them.
  • Follow up with the prospect in the WAY the BDA was asked to, if they asked the BDA to call… don’t email or text, and make sure the BDA leaves a message if you don’t get them live, THEN the BDA can follow up with an email.
  • If the prospect has been replaced by a new contact that has not been apprised of the details of the BDA’s outreach, send the file back into the lead generation process.

In addition to having a little fun and trying to instill the process, the additional benefits of a plant for the team members are that they beautify any space, clean the air, and even help to increase their sense of well-being and creativity.  

Always interested in hearing about other Lead Nurturing Strategies… What’s yours?

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