How to Obtain Market Intelligence


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Need market intelligence to help you penetrate a new market or vertical?

It’s not as difficult as you think.

Amazingly – people still like to help people to get the information they need. AND – the best way to do that is by picking up the phone.

Step 1

Decide upon 3 to 5 questions that are easy to answer and will really help you with your strategy

When you prepare the questions- list the possible answers the Prospect/Customer might give you so you can help guide them through the conversation.

Something like:

“Would your office have more than 15 printers?

Under 15

15 to 24

25 to 49

50 to 100

More than 100”

This way you can easily sort your spreadsheet once you are finished.

Step 2

Set up your spreadsheet with drop down columns to make recording the answers fast and consistent.

Step 3

Begin your calls

At reception- be sure to clearly:

  1. Introduce yourself including your name and your company name.

“Good Morning- this is Jane calling on behalf of ABC Group.”

2. State the purpose of your call.

“ I have been asked to gather information with regard to the number of printers at your location.”

3.  Ask to be connected to the best key contact title for your purpose.

“ Is there someone you can connect me to that can assist me with this?

 Once you get through to the key contact- repeat the above steps. You may have to add a little more as to why you are gathering this information- but the truth- is always the best policy.

 “ We are branching into a new vertical for our company and we are trying to understand volume as it pertains to printers. Your answers will greatly help us with my research….and I only need 30 seconds of your time.”

 The shorter your survey- the better!

Then- as with all calls- thank them for their time and assistance.

It may not always be easy to reach your target audience- but you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of information you can get- if you just ask for it.

Good luck!

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