IF Shoe Award for August, 2015

Nicole's boots

This month’s winner is a young lady of many talents.  She is always quiet and eloquent in her both her work and conduct.  Well, quiet now that she works offsite!    Always told her she had a set of lungs like an opera singer…J  Kidding aside her warmth, hard work and dedication as well as her presence are sorely missed in the office.  That said, she always delivers excellent results and is the epitome of professionalism.

She endeavors always to deliver an exceptional customer service experience as a member of our lead generation team and has been working with Cheryl to learn and develop her sales abilities to help with our business development plan.  She is a customer favorite and often requested to work on their repeat campaigns.   So these are some of the many reasons why our winner for the month of August is:  NICOLE!!


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