Is Your Workplace a HAPPY One?

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Last night I entertained one of my husband’s clients at our home for dinner.

It isn’t something that we do often — however we had run into this particular couple at a number of events and it seemed that we were destined to meet.

During the course of the evening — as always — our conversation turned to business.

I listened with intensity as the client said:

“My workplace is a great place to be. Only those who buy into my ‘vision’ make it. Fortunately many of them do — so they have been with me for a very long time. Some more than 20 years.

Basically — my vision is to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and hospitality — just as I am as I travel the globe on behalf of my company. In Japan — their customs of hospitality are so strong– that you can’t return from there without wanting to duplicate them.

Let’s just say — I don’t have to look over my shoulder, because my staff are taking care of me.”



I was so impressed and somewhat validated because I feel the same way. My constant coaching to our receptionist is: No matter who walks through that door:

  1.  Thank them for coming
  2. Offer them tea, coffee, soft drinks
  3. If it is close to lunch time ask if they would like a sandwich
  4. Give them some chocolate
  5. Make them THRILLED for having walked through our door today

Answering the phone with:” How can we make this a GREAT call for you today?”… also helps to support the internal culture we strive so hard to maintain.

We have proof that all that ‘luv’ falls over into our Clients’ experience — and hey — isn’t that a great way to spend your day?


One thought on “Is Your Workplace a HAPPY One?

  1. As the Receptionist and Ambassador for Idea Factor, I would like to say that Idea Factor is a great place to work. I feel very well taken care of by my managers, fellow staff and Cheryl of course! So I am more than happy to share that care with the clients, customers and this fabulous team at Idea Factor! The good vibes start at the top! – Lauren

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