IF Shoe Award for January, 2015

Susan for posting

Our very first IF Shoe Award was a tough call this month as we had several people who embodied Idea Factor’s vision and mission statement. We had people who autonomously built lists at home for a campaign that we were struggling to close, (Joanne & Susan) or presented solutions that led to new processes and procedures to stream-line the effort and improve the experience for both the customers and the team. (Joanne, Monique & Susan) So after review from the entire management team we have decided that January’s winner is:  SUSAN!!!

Susan went over and above by:

  • Coming in early/staying late to try to connect with certain prospects
  • Building lists at home to add to the campaign
  • Reaching out to the customer for permission to add suggestions and strategies to improve the facilitation of the campaign and decrease the timeline
  • Collaborating with team members to help on other campaigns
  • Susan is a great team player and very supportive of her teammates

Susan rushed out and bought the pair of shoes pictured at the top.


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