Lead Generation in the Big Leagues

Are your Lead Generation Tactics Part of The Big Boys’ Club?

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If you are an IT company and want to generate some great leads — look to the tactics deployed by OEMs like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, HP, Citrix and more to get the biggest bang from their marketing dollar when it comes to generating Qualified Leads for their Sales Teams.

How do they do it?


Three easy rules.


  • Always prospect with net new businesses to fill your funnel with opportunities.


  • Thank your existing customer base on a regular basis to ensure satisfaction and source for new opportunities.


  • Target your erosion accounts to bring back those who didn’t properly make it through step TWO.


It’s like the perfect wheel that will bring them in — keep them happy — get them back if they should fall off.

It’s important to keep the ‘goals’ in mind on all three items.

Goal of Step ONE 

  • To create interest and awareness around your products and services. Get a meeting!

Goal of Step TWO   

  • To thank customers, look for opportunities and increase your footprint by meeting additional members within the company. Get another sale!

Goal of Step THREE 

  • Find out what happened. Apologise. Empathize. Get a meeting!

This is how The Big Boys — get to be –– The Big Boys.

This is how The Big Boys – STAY –– The Big Boys.

Since they are showing us how to do it — I think we should listen.

Don’t you?


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