Looking for truly QUALIFIED Sales Leads?

3d render illustration - red sphere stands out

I often have the opportunity to talk to people either in VP Sales or VP Marketing and the comment is the same.

“ We tried Lead Generation. It didn’t work.”

When I ask them to explain the effort, I can always easily identify a key missing step that prevents them from producing a truly Qualified Lead.

To produce a truly Qualified Lead you need to:

  • Clearly identify your target audience including vertical, employee count and revenue to make sure they reach your sweet spot — so that once the door is open — you have a real chance of closing
  • Obtain the Decision Maker name and title. If you are not able to get the exact title you were looking for, try to obtain the name of a Key Influencer
  • Send interesting direct mail — hopefully 3D
  • Follow up within a week at the most
  • Make your conversation friendly and direct. Give them a good reason to want to meet with you by clearly outlining pain points they may have — that YOU can solve

There is nothing worse that giving your Sales Team a ‘lead’…that is really just a name and number — with no true connection.

By following the above steps — your lead will clearly have a date and time for the meeting and the Prospective Client will have true interest and awareness around your product and service offerings.


Happy selling!

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