Making Sure your Trade Show ROI is Measurable

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How to Make Sure There is a Measurable ROI for Your Next Trade Show.

Are you participating in a Trade Show this year?

If so — there is a great way to make sure you meet with the Prospects you are hoping to WHILE YOU ARE AT THE SHOW.

YES — I’M YELLING –– because I really want you to see the opportunity ;.)

Most companies put a lot of time, effort and money into their trade show participation hoping for the best outcome. Sometimes the participation is part of an advertising campaign and it’s really ‘presence’ to help further the relationship with current and future clients.

Others use trade shows as their major push toward filling their funnel with Warm Leads for their Sales Team.

Problem is — often at a trade show we get ‘tire kickers’– or not industry related people coming to our booth to cash in on free promo goods or participate in a draw. In fact — once you get back to the office — there is the huge task of filtering through the list to see what opportunities there are. Couple that with the fact that your regular duties have been left undone while you are at the show…it almost seems impossible!

But it isn’t.

Here is what you can do.

Most Trade Shows will have an ‘Attendee Listing’.

Ask for it.

Call the list to obtain the name of the Key Contact Title that you would most like to talk to.  (This is the most important part)

Send that group of people 3D Lumpy Mail in a bubble envelope.

Call them and invite them for breakfast, lunch or dinner during one of the days of the show.

At least 15% of your target audience will agree to meet with you. Make a reservation for the get-together and follow-up the details in an email.

Everyone will keep the reservation — or they will be sure to let you know if they can’t make it. Because if they don’t — well — that’s just RUDE!

If you ask people to drop by your booth — maybe they will — maybe they won’t. Maybe they will come by the booth at a time when you are occupied with someone else — or not even there.

If you decide to use this Pre-Trade Show Tactic  — be sure to have enough Reps to attend the food-infused-strategy meetings. If you reach out to 100 Attendees — you will have as many as 15 luncheons/dinners arranged.

Good luck! I hope you land your number one targeted account. This approach will help you to reduce and/or eliminate the amount of heavy lifting required AFTER the Trade Show is over.

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