Image of adult teaching child to fish which illustrates an example of mentoring

There are many who reach their career goals without a mentor.

That can be especially difficult for first generation immigrant professionals, for whom the personal and professional transition presents additional challenges.

As a first generation professional from an immigrant family, I have found that the quickest way to gain the knowledge and skills to close those gaps is through effective mentorship. By welcoming a different way to look at things, I have been able to adjust my thinking — allowing me to get closer to my goals.

First, the mentor needs to be willing to share the intimate details of their journey to success, including setbacks and failures. They also need to have the patience and bandwidth to commit the time and energy to this relationship. Strong trust, implicit honesty and respect for this relationship will ensure you thrive and produce results.

It’s easy to share positive comments and not so easy to share the negative ones. However, the negative comments are the ones that truly allow us to grow.

A mentor must be invested in the success of their mentee.

Ready to help them to set and achieve goals by actively listening, periodically nurturing, and providing constructive feedback and encouragement. Providing opportunities to tweak or make changes in areas where success is stalled or stagnant. 

Mentoring is a great tool to achieve your goals in a shorter timeframe while ensuring that you are not missing or burning opportunities that might present themselves throughout your career.

If you are in the winter of your professional career, and are not quite ready for retirement, I challenge you to consider mentoring a young professional in which you see promise. The rewards of helping another person achieve their career goals can be the cherry on the icing of your retirement cake!


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