Receiving Red Carpet Customer Service

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Do you know if you are DELIGHTING your Customers?


I had the most wonderful customer service experience at my Car Dealership this week. I went in to simply have my snow tires removed and my summer tires put on.

From the minute I walked in the door — I received the Red Carpet Treatment.

  • I was greeted with a warm smile
  • I was offered, coffee, tea, or water
  • I was offered a ride home if I didn’t want to wait for my car
  • I was driven home
  • I was given a choice of pick up times to return to the dealership
  • I was called 10 minutes in advance of the pick up to ensure that time was still good for me
  • I was thanked for my business
  • I received a follow up call making sure that everything was to my satisfaction during my service appointment


I felt like I was BUYING a car — not having a simple SERVICE visit!

So — what did I learn?

If you want your Customers to sing your praises and return to you over and over again — that Red Carpet Treatment is the way to go.

I have told soooooooooooooooooooooo many people this story!

Congratulations to my Car Dealership! You live in a very competitive environment, but you have clearly shown us all the way to really SHINE!  We also strive to treat our customers to our own version of the Red Carpet Treatment every day!

Need help?  Call us and we can help you figure out how to translate these steps into your Business! 1-866-384-2158

I mean, our Mission Statement is : To deliver an unparalleled Customer Service EXPERIENCE every time BAR NONE!


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