Setting up an Inbound Call Center Service?


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For some small and mid-sized businesses a small inbound call center is the best way to help customers gain information, make a purchase, or give feedback about their products or services.

Idea Factor is a North American owned and operated company, with a wealth of experience gained over 25 years of managing an inbound call center for a large international corporation.  A well-structured, process driven inbound call center is the perfect mechanism to professionally field and vet new business opportunities before they are passed on to your sales team.  It can also be an invaluable resource to existing and potential customers and consumers to answer inquiries about everything from tradeshows, events, sponsorships, to employment opportunities, and emergencies.  We invite you to come and visit our call center, where we will be happy to demonstrate how successfully we facilitate these key areas.  We would also be happy to provide testimonials upon request.

  • Customer/Consumer Inquiries/Technical Assistance
  • Lead Generation/Order Processing
  • Message for Field Representative
  • Praise or Complaint
  • English/French/Spanish language services
  • Phone/Live Chat/Email/Sound Files/Letter mail/Fax/Social Media Support Options


TO REQUEST A QUOTE for a strategic partnership that will provide you with best in class inbound call center services, give us a call at 1-866-384-2158 or email

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