In Her Shoes


As an organization made up of primarily WOMEN- for our annual Kick Off meeting this year our theme was “IN HER SHOES”.

Our goal was to help each member of our Team understand the challenges and objectives of each person in order to help us all work as collaboratively as possible.

How does it work?




Just do your best to uphold the Mission of the company which is to: Deliver an un-paralleled Customer Service Experience every time bar none!




Well- number one is because it is our culture, our credo our raison d’etre.


Number two- is because one lucky IF Chick/Chap will win a gift certificate to buy a new PAIR OF SHOES!


The stipulation is- they can’t use the $$$ to buy something for the house or for their kids or pay their hydro bill. They have to go out- buy shoes and then come and show them to us so we can celebrate their achievement- take an extended coffee break and post their picture here on our BLOG.


Our first month has ended and a winner has been chosen.


It was tough – because the efforts to deliver against the Mission- have been nothing less than fantastic.


Stay tuned- you are going to see a big smile and some fantastic new shoes- very soon…..


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