Summer — A Good Time for Lead Generation?

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Short Answer?


Many people shy away from Lead Generation in the summer — but there is no need.

Actually it’s the perfect time to validate lists and make sure that you are targeting the proper Decision Maker at the company that you would most like to present your products or services.

Since many budgets are released in September– getting those meetings in the summer are critical to getting on the list — before the budget is spent.

Or — if the budgets are being planned for January — same thing — we need to get you on there as soon as possible. I know we all want the sale TODAY…but there is still magic in orders rolling around in January for the good work that is done NOW.

In some cases when reaching out to Prospects during the summer months — the meetings are pushed off to September. Again, this is a good scenario since your competition will be just thinking of launching their door opening efforts after Labor Day Weekend — which means they won’t get there until October at the earliest.

This way — YOU — will be FIRST!

Here is a proposed timeline for your lead generation to keep your funnel filled during the summer months and to ensure that you are on the list for budgetary considerations.



Purchase List –                                                   first 2 weeks of July

Clean List —                                                          last 2 weeks of July

Send Mail —                                                         first 2 weeks of August

Follow Up To Book Qualified Meetings —     last 2 weeks of August and into September


If you want a more aggressive schedule — then just move everything up by a week.

Good luck and good selling.


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