The Importance of Collaboration for Exceptional Results







Collaboration is essential to the success of any project, but even more so when there are multiple parties engaged in handling components of a project or delivery.  Here are a few guidelines to help navigate this type of collaboration.


It is important that everyone has a voice in the process and everyone’s goals and objectives are clearly defined and understood by all parties.   A meeting with an attending stakeholder from each party will provide insight, inspiration and context for requests or requirements. It will also ensure that everyone aligns on what is required to achieve both the mutual and independent goals creating a process that provides the least number of steps to arrive at the desired conclusion.


Develop, implement, and post processes and ownership for each stage of the delivery, preferably from a shared read-only access point. This allows everyone to track and measure progress and adjust or tweak in a timely manner as the need arises.

Benchmark Check-ins

Benchmark Check-ins are very useful to ensure that all stakeholders are on track with their portion of the delivery and not likely to cause a lag in the delivery or halt the project altogether.  This also provides a forum to share challenges, obtain input from project peers, and correct in a timely manner so that all deliverables are provided on time and within budget. Check-in often during the project so you can tweak as you move through to the next stage of the delivery.

Learnings and Feedback

After the project is complete, all parties benefit from shared learnings and statistics.  Stakeholders are empowered with the data needed to propose process and delivery improvements for future collaborations.

Hope this helps you to navigate the next shared project you engage in!

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