Want to Win Back Lost Customers?

Miss you

So — you are running through your Customer database and notice that there are some names in there that you haven’t done business with in a while?

What do you do?

It’s EASY!

Just run a Erosion Campaign a.k.a. win back lost customers.

Often Customers don’t come back to you for a very simple reason like a change in personnel.

Or sometimes they can even forget the great value you bring to them if they aren’t reminded on a timely basis.

Worst case scenario is they have left you because they are unhappy. Even so — usually — all it takes is an apology and an ‘erosion campaign’ will allow you the opportunity to give them one.

Here is what you do:

  1. Send interesting direct mail
  2. Follow up with a phone call. The purpose of the call is to make sure that your Key Contact is still employed there, thank them for their past business, poke around to see if they were unhappy for any reason, try to get the door re-opened so that you can resume business with them.

If you do encounter a disgruntled Customer — be sure to book a meeting to discuss in detail.

You could try something like:

“ Gee — Mr/Mrs Customer I am so sorry to hear of your experience and thank you so much for sharing that with me. I’m certain that (Name Of Sales Rep) will really want to apologize in person and get the details of what happened so that we can correct the situation right away. Would you have some time for us on _____(date and time) next week?”

You will be amazed how willing they will be to meet with you and get things back on board.

If — it’s something simpler like a change in staff — then just ask for a meeting to be introduced and share your past experience.

Best of luck to you. Erosion always creates interesting encounters.


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