Winning a Business Excellence Award

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I have to tell you…winning the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award was so much fun!


We’ve had the pleasure of winning global awards for our White Glove service offerings but somehow the local one was more rewarding.

It was Oscar-like.

First you get the call that you are nominated;

Then they interview you, your staff, your customers, your suppliers;

Then you get the call that you made it as a finalist;

Then you go to a banquet where they ask for: “The envelope please…”;


And the winner is : Idea Factor!


OMG! I could hardly find my feet to get to the stage. I managed to catch the back of my heel in a groove on the stage…almost forgot to shake the hand of the MC who was offering me the award and then couldn’t find my voice, once I finally made my way to the microphone.


Having had numerous occasions for public speaking on behalf of my husband and his annual charity work — I’m usually happiest with a microphone in my hands.


Not this time!


My voice started shaking from my very first word. When I was able to see the video of my acceptance speech — I cringed at my wavering tone.

Here is what I said:


Thank you to the Burlington Chamber of Commerce for this amazing experience!


Thank you to my husband Felice – for always supporting me!


Thank you to the Dynamite Team at Idea Factor!

It is YOUR support and dedication that had brought us here today.


We recently re-watched the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus.

A story about a teacher who sacrificed so much of himself for his students.


At the end of the movie- all of Mr. Holland’s students gather in a gymnasium to acknowledge his impact on their lives.


I looked over to my husband who was openly crying…and so was I.


Even the cats left the room.


I allowed myself to dream of a day- when all the families for whom I have stayed up many nights and tried my best to provide not only a steady job — but a place to come where you are respected, appreciated and loved like an extended family –– would gather in a room so I could feel that same heart-felt impact.


I think tonight has done that for me




As I exited the stage I had the shakiest knees. People I know were saying congratulations to me and I was in a fog. Who are you? Where am I?

That’s how THRILLED I really was….


Someone positioned me in front of a Step & Repeat Board and took a bunch of pictures where I put on some of my best poses.

When I got back to the table to the smiles and cheers of my husband, colleagues and friends — I pretty much burst into tears of gratitude and pride.


What a thrill! Still living the RIDE.


Thanks everyone!



Cheryl Cappellano

1-866-384-215858,514 Qualified Leads produced for our Customers…oops…is that 2 more?

2.5 Million Brand Advocates assisted through our Gold Standard Call Center


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