Your Trade Show is Over, Now What?

people in lobby


So…. You are just back from a Trade Show.

You are tired.

Your feet hurt.

Your regular work has been left behind.

AND — you have a huge list of people who have visited your booth.

Where do you start?

Since many people who are not a part of your direct target audience may visit your booth – you want to be sure to remove them from your list before you either divide it among your sales team or send out mass direct mail.

As with any marketing initiative it is important to first clearly define your GOALS.

If the GOAL is to book qualified meetings for your Field Team — you might want to run the list through a quick survey to ensure that they are currently purchasing your products or services.

The call might go something like this:

“Hello, this is ________ calling on behalf of ABC Company.

We recently exhibited at the DEF Trade Show in Alabama and John Smith from your company stopped by our booth.

I’m about to send some follow-up information — but before I do , may I ask:

 Does your company buy XXX?

  1. Is John Smith the proper contact for the purchase of XXX?
  2. May I please confirm your mailing address?

 Thank you so much for your time. Your help is greatly appreciated.”

Upon finishing, you should be able to determine the True Prospects from the Non-Applicable — which will be a much better use of your resources — no matter what your follow-up activities are.


Best of luck!


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