Content Marketing vs Traditional Marketing


Content Marketing- are you a fan?

As my career in direct marketing quickly approaches the 3rd decade — I find it fascinating that almost every new Customer that I meet asks me what my position is on Content Marketing and/or Social Media as a whole?

It’s a topic that I warmly embrace because I’m at a loss to understand WHY we do — WHAT we do for both mediums.  Since the response to date for both our company and our customers has been a big fat ZERO!

In the social media context we seem to be doing a whole lot of talking, but I’m not entirely sure that anyone is listening.

More importantly — if you tell your message to the world, the important task of qualifying your lead — has been completely overlooked.

Early in my career, I had the pleasure of speaking to many entrepreneurial companies in several keynote speeches with the message of : How To Get The Biggest Bang From Your Marketing Dollar.

One of my first questions is: Who Is Your Target Audience?

If the answer is:  EVERYONE! — there is a problem.

Understanding your target audience is the primary requirement of any successful marketing campaign. Because, if you want to tell your message to EVERYONE, it’s almost impossible to understand all of the needs and/or pain points. Therefore, without that information, your product or service benefits have no impact.

The key to success is proper QUALIFICATION. Once you have done that – your messaging can speak to the needs of your target audience.

  • Qualify
  • Understand Their Issues
  • Speak With Your Benefits
  • Target Properly

Good luck and happy selling!

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