Customer Service at it’s BEST!


Thank you to the staff at Saks Fifth Avenue in Canada for remembering and demonstrating the lost art of Customer Service with a SMILE!

I had the pleasure of visiting the new store which is attached to The Bay on Queen in Toronto. It’s a beautiful store with lots of lovely things to look at — but the best part is the Staff.


Every person we spoke to offered to help, complimented our attire, offered us water and were generous with their smiles. On the surface that can sound really lame — but in reality it was terrific!

People went out of their way to get us water, escort us to the ladies room, search for restaurants for us online, make reservations. It was like each person had been schooled on the art of being a concierge.

And if the smiles were forced — it sure didn’t feel that way.

My friend had made a reservation for their restaurant — problem was — it hadn’t opened yet. (Oops) ( the reservation had been made at a different store — in a different city )

When the sales staff heard about it — they rushed to our aid offering spots nearby and called on our behalf.

The entire customer service experience was A+ and for sure I will go back just for the experience alone.

THEN — when I returned to work, one of the sales people sent me a lovely email thanking me for visiting the store.

Although our businesses are entirely different — I sure hope that our Customers can feel our SMILES and look forward to the chance to visit with us again…..

That’s the kind of service we all need to emulate. Hmmm  — I’m going to think of ways to Up Our Game….stay tuned ;.)


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