Got a New Sales Rep on Your Team?

business man starting race

Want to find out if you have a winner or not?

There are a few things to do.

  1.  You need to fill their funnel with new opportunities in order to test their closing skills
  2.  You need to reach out to Existing Customers to make sure they are notified of the change

When you are changing the face to the customer it’s a great opportunity to say THANK YOU for their business in the past and an equally great opportunity to source for new business.

Since reaching people on the phone these days takes a lot of patience and time- the best case scenario would be if someone could make the calls on behalf of the rep. The call should go something like this:

“ Good Morning ________ ( name of client)

This is Sally calling on behalf of ABC Company. Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your business.”

 Then pause.

You will hear a lot of :

“Gee- that’s nice.”


“ Wow- no one has ever done that before!”

 Then proceed with:

“ Just wanted you to know that your business means the world to us! While I have you- we’ve re-structured somewhat and I was hoping to create an opportunity to introduce you to your new Sales Rep ______ ( name of new rep).”

From there try to get either a meeting or a conference call so that the Customer feels that their needs are well taken care of.

A number of great things will happen:

  1.  A proper introduction is made
  2.  A goodwill gesture of a Thank You is delivered to ALL Customers
  3.  An opportunity to source for new business
  4.  A chance to make sure all of your Key Contacts are still in place within your Current Customers

If you get a complaint- that is good too because you have a chance to FIX THINGS before you lose that Customer.


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