The Hang Up



Are you still wondering if Your Customers would prefer to talk to a Human, or if you should move to an Auto Attendant?


It depends on your GOALS.


If you are trying to drive your Customer AWAY from your Brand, then I say: Go ahead.


We recently had to close our Customer Contact Centers due to a major snow storm. You know, the ones where they close all the schools the next day? Yep—one of those.

Anyway, when we returned to the office the next morning, there were only 5 messages from Customers requiring technical assistance or where to buy information.

Since our Customer Contact Centers receive more than 100 calls each hour, and we were closed for more than 5 daytime hours, wouldn’t you expect there to have been more?

I’ll let you do the math on how many people simply HUNG UP.

Fortunately, the majority of those hang-ups turned to email for quick resolution.


In today’s instant society, if you aren’t able to offer the information requested within 2 rings or less, you could be opening the door to the competition.


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