Making the Most of a New Prospect List

looking at list

Have you ever bought a big Prospect List with thousands of names and not known where to start?

It’s a common problem and it happened to me many years ago.

I bought a list- and I hired the Post Office to deliver 5,000 flyers for me to the local businesses around my office.

Want to guess how many people called me?


That’s right- not ONE phone call. I actually called a few friends and asked them to ‘phone me’ as I was certain there was something wrong.

Problem is- the mail you are sending has to get to the right person – and the only way to do that- is to pick up the phone and call reception to verify:

  1. They are still in business
  2. The address is correct

Then you can ask for a contact name and title. About 1 in 3 will give you this information. When you call- be sure to identify who you are and the reason you are calling – before asking for any information.

It’s a lot of work- but your list will be GOLD in the end.


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