To Live Chat or Not


Live chat


Do YOU offer Live Chat to YOUR Customers?

You should.

As much as I love the telephone — even the one in the office — we are seeing growing numbers of Consumers and Customers who prefer Live Chat when they are reaching out for information.

Today when Customers and Consumers call — they are far more educated.

They take advantage of all of our great work on our websites and social media participation.

They are part of the wait-less society.

So — having an operator ready to talk thru Live Chat could be the competitive edge you need.

Here is what you do:

  1. Purchase 2 Licenses from a Live Chat service. One for the administrator/manager and one for the Agent who will answer the questions
  2. Talk to your IT Staff about getting it onto your server
  3. Ask your web team to create an icon for your website
  4. Assign the task of being available to Chat to a member of your staff


Sounds hard but it is really quite easy once you have it up and running.

You can also print out or view on your computer the entire conversation. It can be very interesting.


We are seeing Live Chat last from 7 to 30 minutes plus. If our Customers want to talk to us for that long — I want to talk with them too!


Good luck and happy ‘chatting’!


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