Website Scoring Systems and Qualified Leads


Jump through hoops

Are you using a Web SCORING System to help you to identify Qualified Leads?


I had an interesting call the other day from a prospective company that is interested in Lead Generation.

What fascinated me was the number of ‘hoops’ this company wanted their potential customers to go through — before they would entertain a conversation.


While I recognize that no one wants to waste their time with Tire Kickers — so to speak, it is equally important to get to your Prospective Client’s questions and concerns as quickly as you can.


If you are using a Scoring System — the best way to turn those accounts into Qualified Opportunities is to:

  • Reach out by telephone to confirm the name and title of the person who responded ( Might take 3-5 calls)
  • If it is valid — send out some interesting mail
  • One week later follow-up with a phone call to further qualify and — if it is a good fit, ask for a date and time to discuss your products and services in detail (could take 12+ calls but definitely worth the time!)


It takes a bit of work and persistence — but this methodology has proven to deliver High Quality Leads with a great potential for an Equally High Closing Ratio.


Happy Selling!


Cheryl Cappellano


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