Your Brand Boosted with Mystery Shopper


Do you want your brand on everyone’s lips?

Mystery Shopper is the answer!

If you work with distributors or jobbers who carry a wide variety of products and yours is just one of many on a long list — there is a great way to get them to offer YOUR product — every time someone calls.

It’s a little program called Mystery Shopper. It’s easy to do and a lot of fun.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Write up two letters
    • Winner letter
    • Loser letter
  2. Arrange for a small prize that can go with each of the above letters.  For example
    • The Winner might get a hat, t-shirt or some other promo item with your Logo on it or something simple like a pair of movie tickets.
    •  The Loser might get a box of Smarties ( “next time- make the SMART choice”) or if you go the movie route — maybe some microwave popcorn. The idea here is to make it FUN and connected.
  1. Write a script that will prompt the person to recommend your Brand. If they answer the way you want them to — then you say DING DING DING! CONGRATULATIONS! You have just played Mystery Shopper and you have WON! We will be sending you a _______ ( the item you are going to send) to thank you for recommending _____( your Brand) — we appreciate your business.
  2. If they answer with a brand that is Not Yours….say: BONG! You have just played Mystery Shopper and you have lost! But I’m going to send you a small prize in the mail anyway. Next time — make the smart choice and recommend ________ ( your Brand)

What will happen?

  1. You will have fun.
  2. The people who get to participate by answering the phone will have fun.
  3. They will tell everyone.
  4. They will switch their brand recommendation to YOURS!

Enjoy and be prepared to be amazed by the answers you will get.


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